Capitol Corner

Issues In Focus: A Visit to Athens Transit

Last week, the Fellowship team had the pleasure of meeting with Athens Transit director, Butch McDuffie. After learning more about Athens Transit’s unique citizen engagement and incredibly efficient service, there was no doubt from any of us that Athens Transit indeed deserved its 2016 Urban Community Transit of the Year award. In addition to describing […]

Fellowship Spotlight: Julia Ricciardulli

Meet Julia Ricciardulli Graduation Date: December 2019 Majors or Areas of Study:  International Affairs, Economics, Political Science Hometown: Alpharetta, GA Community & Campus Involvement: I currently serve on the Student Government Association’s Policy Research Board. Additionally, I am a disk jockey at WUOG 90.5FM and the Political and Economic Correspondent for the Athens Journal. Interesting fact about […]

Issues in Focus: the ACCA and ageism

This week the Spencer Frye Legislative Research Fellows met with Eve Anthony and Erin Beasley, the CEO and Director of Operations respectively, of the Athens Community Council on Aging (ACCA) to learn more about the aging adult community within the city of Athens and the public services provided to them. Engaged in all levels of […]

This Week Under the Gold Dome

With session being almost half-way complete, bills are making their way to the House floor to be voted on. New legislation is introduced every day, and as we will see, it can make direct impacts on the lives of Georgians. Continue reading below to learn about some of the important topics that have been coming […]

Fellowship Spotlight: Ishana Ratan

Graduation Date: May 2017 Majors or Areas of Study: Double Major in  International Affairs and Economics, Minor in Spanish Hometown: Chennai, India Community & Campus Involvement: I wrote for the food column for UGA’s Ampersand Magazine, am a tutor for Economics classes at UGA, and have been part of the Spencer Frye Fellowship Program for a year. Interesting fact […]

Fellowship Spotlight: Evan Katz

  Graduation Date: Spring 2019 Majors or Areas of Study: Political Science, International Affairs Hometown: Atlanta, GA Community & Campus Involvement: Georgia Political Review, American Founding Group, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Interesting fact about yourself?: I’ve played the piano for 13 years. What interested you most about the Spencer Frye Fellowship Program?: The ability to […]

Fellowship Spotlight: Annefloor de Groot

Graduation Date: May 2019 Majors or Areas of Study: Political Science and Communication Studies Hometown: Peachtree City, GA Community & Campus Involvement: UGA Miracle, Phi Mu Sorority, and UGA Young Democrats Interesting fact about yourself?: I was born and raised in The Netherlands until the age of eight. This experience has taught be to be open-minded to […]

Issues in Focus: Opportunity School District

This election season in Georgia there are four amendments for the voters to decide upon.  Amendment One, also known as Opportunity School District (OSD) garnered much controversy and debate throughout the state.  OSD was created by Senate Bill 133 and would allow the government to take over “chronically failing” schools and inject various policy changes […]

Issues in Focus: Public Transportation

Georgia, known for its great weather, good food, and recent economic boom, is also known for its terrible traffic problems. The most recent survey by INRIX, a traffic information leader, ranks Atlanta as the 9th worst U.S city for traffic, with 59 hours per commuter wasted annually. This is due, in part, to the neglect […]

Fellowship Spotlight: Alanna Pierce

Graduation Date:  May 2017 Major:  Theatre Hometown: Athens Other Community & Campus Involvement: Demosthenian Literary Society, UGA Theatre Department, Athens Anti-OSD What interested you most about the Spencer Frye Fellowship Program? What interested me was how much the Spencer Frye Fellowship Program gives to the community.  I really like how the fellows are given opportunities to gain experience […]