Meet Spencer

Spencer Frye was first elected to the Georgia House of Representatives in 2012, representing District 118 (Athens/Winterville), and, following redistricting, now represents District 122. He currently serves as the Executive Director for Athens Habitat for Humanity.

He’s also been a small business owner and a construction manager, has helped to export American ambulances overseas, and co-founded an environmental company.

As a business owner, non-profit director, and now state representative, Spencer Frye has met and worked with folks from all over the community, and successfully balanced the interests of citizens, private enterprise, and government.

His wife Gretchen is an emergency room nurse at Athens Regional, and his kids attend school right here in the district he represents.

An entrepreneur at heart, Spencer is optimistic about the future, about what can be accomplished with the right vision and a little shoe leather. That’s why he’s worked to see common-sense changes made, such as…

  • Ending the double-tax of public schools paying taxes on fuel
  • Restoring local choice to Georgia cities, including Athens, to allow increased access to grocery stores for all local families
  • Removing regulatory barriers that kept life-saving medical emergency supplies out of schools
  • Meeting requirements for modernizing the Savannah harbor and increasing international trade in Georgia
  • Expanding the ranks of workers making a living wage in our state
  • Assuring safe, sustainable development in downtown Athens
  • Allowing more rural non-profits to assist with housing in their communities.
  • That’s also why Spencer Frye wants to create more incentives for sustainable building, to reduce utility costs for everybody through increased efficiency, to reward businesses who invest in revitalizing their areas, to find cost-effective solutions for maintaining our roads, waterways, and bridges, to ensure all Georgians have access to a doctor when they need one, and to bring the best educational practices to Georgia and Athens so we see the maximum return on our investment in our kids.

And that’s why he’s serving as your representative — to make government more responsive, more efficient, more sensible. Because to get things done, it takes good ideas, solid planning, and someone who cares enough to see the project through.