Our History

In 2011, we recruited our first group of students from the Athens area to be a part of the campaign staff for our election drive to the Georgia General Assembly. Their excitement and hard work was truly inspiring, and many desired to continue to work and learn as the agenda turned to drafting and passing impactful legislation.

So the campaign staff was extended into the Spencer Frye Fellowship Program. Over 95% of the original staff returned, fulfilling leadership roles within the office, and the program began to grow.

During the first session, it became apparent that the Fellowship was unique and unmatched. No one else in the General Assembly had this pool of young professionals and pupils of various undergrad and graduate programs that was able to provide commitment to constituents and detailed analyses of policy.

The Fellowship Today

The Spencer Frye Fellowship continues to provide an ongoing opportunity for Fellows to actively see their impact in state politics, make a few friends along the way, and have fun while doing it all.

The Fellowship Program usually accepts around 25 students each year who are given the opportunity to grow as young professionals and leaders.

Fellows Get the Opportunity to: 

  • Attend weekly meetings to discuss policy and hear from guest speakers
  • Participate in outreach community events to get to know the constituents they are serving
  • Complete Professional Development Training
  • Gain experience conducting research
  • Write bill memos
  • Participate in campaigns
  • Work closely with Representative Frye at the Georgia State Capitol Building during Session
  • Interact with lobbying groups
  • Assist constituents
  • Attend committee meetings
  • Create informative graphics
  • Report on the day-to-day business of state government on our website
  • Work closely with Representative Frye at the Georgia State Capitol Building during Session

Fellows emerge from the program equipped with tools that set them apart from other students. Many have moved on to work for top national policy think tanks, congressional offices, top journalists, top news agencies, top consulting firms or attend top-tier law and graduate programs.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to cultivate a coalition of aware and active leaders that will use their knowledge to impact our future; not only on a state level, but also on a global scale by bringing local relevance to the national and global community.

How to Become a Fellow

To apply to the Spencer Frye Fellowship Program, please send your resume and cover letter to fellowship@spencerfrye.com. Applications have now closed. Please refer to the fellowship’s Facebook page for more information or to ask any questions!

Fellows in Action

Fellows Volunteering at St. James Baptist Church Cemetery
Fellows Working at the Athens Office
Fellows Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity
Fellows Getting to Know Each Other at Retreat
Fellows with Mayor Kelly Girtz
Fellows After Volunteering at the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia
Fellows Attend a Fundraiser for Bee Nguyen for Secretary of State
Fellows Attending a Rally for Senator Jon Ossoff
Fellows Canvassing in Athens

Current Fellows

Brock Schultz Chief of Staff
Maeve Breathnath Director of Legislative Research
Keegan Cardman Director of Public Relations
Ansley Hatcher Fellowship Director
Luke Boggs Senior Advisor
Kyle Hayes Special Advisor
Aliya Elmore Senior Staff
Dinah Gorayeb Senior Staff
Ellie Wilson-Wade Senior Staff
Gitzel Anguiano Senior Staff
Khushi Mehta Senior Staff
Aidan Rickaby Legislative Fellow
Carlos Lopez Ramirez Legislative Fellow
Caroline Oliver Legislative Fellow
Catalina Macedo Giang Legislative Fellow
Christiana Reininger Legislative Fellow
Erendira Lucas Legislative Fellow
Isabel Archer Legislative Fellow
Jessica Evans Legislative Fellow
Juliana Hartley Legislative Fellow
John Bush Jr. Legislative Fellow
Julianna Russ Legislative Fellow
Kelley Downes Legislative Fellow
Lauren Kim Legislative Fellow
Liliana Chanler Legislative Fellow
Paige Graham Legislative Fellow
Riley Batz Legislative Fellow
Wally Stover Legislative Fellow

2021-2022 Fellows

2020-2021 Fellows

2019-2020 Fellows

2018-2019 Fellows

2017-2018 Fellows