Why is this election so important?

Right now, the 118th House district is the last Democratic seat in Athens-Clarke County.

We have 2 Republican Senators, 1 Republican Congressmen with the potential for a 2nd, 2 Republican State House members and 2 Republican State Senators.

We cannot afford to elect another Republican who would vote to weaken education, sacrifice our environment, restrict voting access, and raise utility rates in a recession while record-high dividends are paid out to shareholders.

If we let this seat slip out of our hands, or allow it to go to a “radical Republican”, our Democratic values will be gone along with it.

YOUR vote is needed this November!

It only takes a moment to vote. And right now, in November, make no mistake – our values hang in the balance.

Mark your calendar. Call your friends and family. Set up a carpool. And go vote!

Because if we fail to put a true Democrat into this seat on November 6th, we stand to lose much more than just an election.