What Can Be Done To Bring Jobs To The District?

In short, we need to unleash the potential we already have.

With our employment rate, there’s no reason why we should still have such high poverty.

Caterpillar Inc. moving to Athens shows we do have the workforce, the quality of life, and the location needed to attract international manufacturing.

So let’s put policies in place that will make Athens the obvious choice for growth industries that can take that quality of life even higher.

There are proven mechanisms out there, like Opportunity Zones, that could have put us ahead of where we are now, if they’d been implemented.

That’s because we already have the resources to do this.

We already have one of the leading solar water heater manufacturers in Athens. The best solar panels in the world are made right here in Georgia. We’re already producing bio-fuel in our state, which is also a boon to our farmers.

Let’s do what other states and communities have done who are succeeding at this, and let’s outdo them.

With what we have here, we should not only be attracting large employers, but also turning our own small businesses into tomorrow’s brands.