Spencer Frye Selected to Serve on Georgia Bioscience Joint Development Authority

Last week, Spencer was selected by Mayor Nancy Denson and the Athens Clarke County Commission to serve on the Georgia Bioscience Joint Development Authority.

The Georgia Bioscience Joint Development Authority is a multi-county group comprised of officials from Athens-Clarke, Barrow, Oconee and Gwinnett counties charged with exploring opportunities for biotechnology growth along the Georgia Highway 316 corridor. Connecting Athens to Atlanta, the 316 corridor links the local economic and educational infrastructure of Athens with comparable resources found in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

The Authority seeks to attract more biotech industries and increase the number of high-tech, high-paying jobs found along the University Parkway. The initiative is modeled after the success of North Carolina’s Research Triangle, which pulls in and promotes high-tech companies through infrastructure development and the presence of the region’s university research facilities and educated population.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to serve my community in this way,” Spencer said.  “Athens-Clarke County has always possessed an abundance of economic, cultural and educational resources, and by creating greater investments in attracting science and technical employers, we will be ensuring that these existing resources are promoted to their fullest potential and translate into well-paying jobs for our residents.”

Spencer currently sits on the Georgia House Science and Technology committee and has been actively involved in supporting local downtown economic development legislation and community initiatives. His appointment term goes into effect this month and remains active till May 2018.