Spencer Appointed to Georgia Film Industry Study Committee

This week, House Speaker David Ralston announced assignments to the 10 House Study Committees scheduled to meet during the 2014 offseason.  Study committees allow legislators to get together, typically on a bipartisan basis, to study issues related to pending legislation or challenges our state faces.  This year, the House approved 11 study committees to study issues ranging from the Georgia alcoholic beverage code to Georgia-based film and post production.  House Members will also serve on six joint study committees with members from the Senate and will be studying issues like property taxes and education funding, emergency relocation of abused adults, and sources for transportation funding.

Spencer was appointed to the Georgia-Based Film and Post-Production Study Committee, a committee charged with studying the “conditions, needs, issues, and problems” related to the Georgia film industry and identifying ways that the industry may continue to contribute to Georgia’s economy.  He will be serving on the committee with Representatives Ron Stephens, Paulette Braddock, Amy Carter, Matt Ramsey, Brian Strickland, Tom Taylor and Bruce Williamson.  The committee is currently authorized to meet for five days and will schedule meetings over the summer and/or fall.  It will be Spencer’s first study committee assignment as a state legislator.

Here are the rest of the 2014 House study committee assignments:

H.  R. 1265: House Study Committee on Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Rep. Trey Kelley, Chair

Rep. Karla Drenner

Rep. John Pezold

Rep. Terry Rogers

Rep. Ed Setzler

H. R. 1332: House Study Committee on Compensating Wrongfully Convicted Persons

Rep. Carolyn Hugley, Chair

Rep. Stephen Allison

Rep. Ben Harbin

Rep. Rahn Mayo

Rep. B. J. Pak

H. R. 1523: House Study Committee to Review and Recommend Necessary Changes to the Georgia Code of Military Justice

Rep. Christian Coomer, Chair

Rep. Alex Atwood

Rep. Johnny Caldwell

H. R. 1599: House Study Committee on the Georgia Alcoholic Beverage Code

Rep. Howard Maxwell, Chair

Rep. Tom Dickson

Rep. Matt Dollar

Rep. Brett Harrell

Rep. Chuck Martin

H. R. 1722: House Study Committee on Medical Education

Rep. Butch Parrish, Chair

Rep. Sharon Cooper

Rep. Earl Ehrhart

Rep. Matt Hatchett

Rep. Lee Hawkins

Rep. Barbara Sims

Rep. Chuck Williams

H R. 1723: House Study Committee on Licensing and Inspection of Child Welfare Providers

Rep. Andy Welch, Chair

Rep. Joyce Chandler

Rep. Penny Houston

Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver

Rep. Kevin Tanner

Rep. Tom Weldon

Rep. Wendell Willard

H. R. 1805: House Study Committee on For-Hire Transportation Services

Rep. Alan Powell, Chair

Rep. John Carson

Rep. Emory Dunahoo

Rep. Lynne Riley

Rep. Dale Rutledge

H. R. 1805 (also included in this bill): House Study Committee on DUI Recidivism and Driver’s License Suspensions and Reinstatements

Rep. Tom Rice, Chair

Rep. Barry Fleming

Rep. Dusty Hightower

Rep. Jay Powell

Rep. Regina Quick

H. R. 1828: House Study Committee on Aviation and Jobs

Rep. Jimmy Pruitt, Chair

Rep. Mike Cheokas

Rep. Demetrius Douglas

Rep. Geoff Duncan

Rep. Bill Hitchens

2014 Joint Study Committee Assignments:

S. R. 828: Jt. Study Committee on Emergency Relocation of Abused Adults

Rep. Tommy Benton, Co-chair

Rep. Gerald Greene

Rep. Jan Tankersley

S. R. 875: Jt. Study Committee on the Property Tax Digest Impact on Education Funding

Rep. David Knight, Co-chair

Rep. Mike Dudgeon

Rep. Don Parsons

Rep. Ed Rynders

Rep. Al Williams

S. R. 896: Jt. Study Committee on the Georgia Legacy Program

Rep. Lynn Smith, Chair of Natural Resources

Rep. Bubber Epps, Appointee

Rep. Chad Nimmer, Appointee

S. R. 981: Jt. Study Committee on Violence Against Health Care Workers

Rep. Katie Dempsey, Co-chair

Rep. Robert Dickey

Rep. Darlene Taylor

S. R. 981 (also included in this bill): Jt. Study Committee on Prescription of Medical Cannabis for Serious Medical Conditions

Rep. Allen Peake, Co-chair

Rep. Rich Golick

Rep. Micah Gravley

Rep. Margaret Kaiser

This post will be updated when assignments are announced for the House study committee on the Federal Government’s Role in Education and the Joint study committee on Critical Transportation Infrastructure Funding.

We’ll also be featuring study committee reports and related materials as they are released throughout the year.

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