This Week Under the Gold Dome: Week 4

Spencer Presents House Bill 750 Before the Banks and Banking Committee:

On Monday, Spencer presented House Bill 750 to the Banks and Banking committee.  This legislation allows for non-profit organizations that promote access to affordable housing to be exempt from the requirement of getting a state license to offer low-interest mortgages.  Spencer’s testimony focused on what mortgage origination for nonprofits is and the burden licensing requirements put on small nonprofits around the state.  If Georgia passes this legislation, we would join all 49 other states in allowing this exemption.  The bill passed out of committee and now will head to the Rules committee to be scheduled for a floor debate and vote.  You can view Spencer’s full testimony below:

Habitat for Humanity Day at the Capitol:

On Tuesday, the House recognized the work done by Habitat for Humanity’s 70 local affiliates across Georgia.  Founded in Americus, Georgia in 1976, Habitat for Humanity has built and sold over 4,600 homes for low-income families and received help from volunteers in all 159 counties.  The organization has also generated $2.9 billion of economic development through single-family housing.  Spencer took to the well to recognize Harold Tessendorf and Paul Brown, Executive Directors of two of Habitat’s Georgia affiliates.  Spencer is also the Executive Director of the Athens-Area Habitat for Humanity.  You can see the House Resolution recognizing Habitat for Humanity here and see video from the presentation in the well here (the recognition begins at minute marker 23:30)

Spencer Signs on to House Bill 952:

Spencer signed on to House Bill 952 that would allow for the sale of consumer fireworks in the state of Georgia.  This legislation would bring regulations on fireworks sales closer to the laws in neighboring states and provide much needed sales tax revenue to the state budget.

Legislation Passed in the House This Week:

On Wednesday, the House passed House Bill 737 that allows for up to 128 ounces of home-brewed malt beverages to be transported to another unlicensed location and consumed by the brewer, owner of the location and any guests.  HB 737 passed 160-3.

House Bill 809 passed the house on Thursday.  This legislation defines terms and provides guidance regarding the filing and legal proceedings of demand letters asserting patent infringement.  The bill intends to limit the growing problem of bad faith assertions regarding patent infringements across the state.  HB 809 passed 169-0

On Friday, the House passed House Bill 766, the Work Based Learning Act, that updates language and requirements from a 1994 law allowing high school students in the 11th and 12th grades to participate in apprenticeship programs with local businesses and employers and receive academic credit.  This legislation opens the program to any student over the age of 16 and revises language related to changes in the workforce and economy since the 1990s.  HB 766 passed 163-1.

Each of these bills will now go to the Senate for consideration.

The House will reconvene for Legislative Day 20 tomorrow at 10:00am and will be in session through Thursday of this week barring inclement weather.  Keep an eye on the forecast this week as the Weather Channel has issued a Winter Storm Watch from Tuesday at 7:00pm through Wednesday at 7:00am with the potential for some icing during the Wednesday morning commute.  Have a great week!