Press Release: Rep. Spencer Frye Releases Proposed Athens-Clarke County Commission District Map




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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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Rep. Spencer Frye Releases Proposed Athens-Clarke County Commission District Map


ATLANTA – State Representative Spencer Frye (D-Athens), who is a member of the Athens-Clarke County Legislative Delegation, today released a proposed updated district map for the Athens-Clarke County (ACC) Commission. Rep. Frye issued the following statement regarding his proposed map, which is attached:


“My colleagues in the legislature made errors with their proposed map that I fixed with minimal trouble. My proposed map accomplishes identical goals that my colleagues expressed, including the creation of four majority non-white districts and enhancing the compactness of the districts. It also restores several communities of interest that the other proposed map broke apart. The historic Black community on the eastside of Athens is made whole in my proposal, which increases the likelihood that they can elect a representative of their choice. My map also reverses my colleagues’ legally-suspect plan to renumber the districts, which would have disqualified three commissioners from running for re-election under their current seats.


“Finally, my map helps our elections office administer the next election accurately and reduces the likelihood of citizen confusion caused by excessive gerrymandering. It cuts fewer precinct lines than my colleagues’ map and reduces the number of ballot combinations by a third, or from 41 to 28. Fewer ballot combinations means more savings in printing costs and less opportunity for mistakes. I am proud to help every Athens citizen receive the correct ballot with the correct slate of candidates, especially in this uncertain time for the future of voting rights in America.”


Representative Spencer Frye represents the citizens of District 118, which includes portions of Clarke County. He was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2012 and currently serves as Vice Chairman of the Budget and Fiscal Affairs Oversight Committee. He also serves on the Special Committee on Access to Quality Health Care and the Game, Fish & Parks, Creative Arts & Entertainment, Health & Human Services, Human Relations & Aging, Transportation and Ways & Means committees.



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