Fellowship Spotlight: Taylor Wilhelm

Taylor Wilhelm is a political science, international affairs and criminal justice major with a certificate in Public Affairs Communications. She is a sister of Sigma Kappa where she volunteers and raises money for the Alzheimers Association. She is also a member of UGA Miracle where she volunteers and helps raise money for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Additionally, she is a member of UGA HEROS where she volunteers and fundraises money for children affected by HIV/AIDS. As a Legislative Fellow, she hopes to gain experience in the realm of legislative politics and a better understanding of the legislative process at the state level, including how campaigns work and how individuals can influence state politics. She got involved in politics because of her love for human beings and her desire to fight against inequality. She has worked in campaigns and with attorneys in the past, so she is interested in pursuing a career as a civil rights attorney. Outside of school, she spends most of her time playing with her puppy who just turned one year old in January.