Fellowship Spotlight: Richy Wagner

Richy Wagner is a third-year at the University of Georgia, studying Political Science, Sociology and Criminal Justice. He is also a theatre minor and has a certificate in Applied Politics. On campus, Richy is involved in Young Democrats. Through the Fellowship, he hopes to enact change in our government through climate advocacy, criminal justice reform or other socio-political research. For Richy, canvassing with the Fellowship has taught him the importance of making bonds with the community. He enjoyed connecting with people with different backgrounds and living in different parts of the general Athens area that he wouldn’t have had the chance to speak with otherwise. Seeing inequity and hardship in the most wealthy country in the world has always motivated him to do what he can to help. During the initial lockdown phase of the pandemic, Richy decided to teach himself how to juggle and can get about 10 in a row!