Fellowship Spotlight: Prisha Nandakumar

Prisha Nandakumar is a second-year Legislative Fellow majoring in Biology and Psychology with a minor in Health Policy & Management. With aspirations of going to medical school, Prisha has gained experience on the clinical and medicinal sides of her field and saw the Fellowship as an opportunity to pursue the policy and legislative side. She recognizes the inequities in health care and how communities of lower socioeconomic status are impacted by the system. Her biggest takeaway from the pandemic is the significance of community and the power that it has. Beyond her legislative work with Representative Frye, Prisha is the captain of Amara, UGA’s competitive Indian classical dance team; is a member of Phi Delta Epsilon, the pre-med fraternity; and is a volunteer at Kindred Hospice where she tends to patients in palliative care. Prisha’s favorite memory at UGA was jumping into the fountain on North Campus at the end of freshmen year with friends. She hopes to become a physician-policymaker and work in health policy after medical school.