Fellowship Spotlight: Keegan Cardman

Keegan Cardman is a third-year political science major with a minor in international affairs. She was first motivated to enter politics after meeting her Representative on a school trip to D.C. in 8th grade. Through the Fellowship, she aims to gain a robust understanding of the political sphere, from the policy-making process to communications. By gaining this understanding, she hopes to narrow down her career goals. Currently, she would love to become a speechwriter or policy director with an elected official. Her biggest takeaway from her experience with the Fellowship is the importance of elected officials having concrete goals to serve the community, rather than making lofty promises with fancy language. Instead, she finds that it is important for elected officials to target specific issues their community is facing and communicate a plan for addressing those issues. In addition to the Fellowship, Keegan is also an active member of Pi Beta Phi, where she participates in philanthropy events benefitting child literacy group Read>Lead>Achieve. She is also a member of the Order of Omega. Previously, she has worked as an executive intern for The Advocacy Group at Cardenas Partners and FL Capitol Liaison for Ygrene Energy Fund. She gets excited about Georgia football, Ted Lasso and getting Wordle in 3 tries. One of her most memorable experiences was spending her birthday in Paris, where she, unfortunately, had her wallet stolen and woke up with a 101° fever the next day, but came away with a very memorable birthday.