Fellowship Spotlight: Kate Thompson

Kate Thompson is a fourth-year Fellow majoring in international affairs with certificates in global studies and public affairs professional in applied politics. She is also a Double Dawg pursuing a Masters’ of Public Administration at UGA. This is Kate’s third year with the Fellowship. Throughout her time as a Fellow, she has learned about the Georgia legislative process and how policy is made, while also developing many contacts and great friends. As a Fellow, she has also learned that politics is hard work but with the right mindset and people, anything is possible. Her interest in politics began from a young age as her parents fostered an interest amongst her and her siblings in current events. The 2016 election further sparked her interest in politics as the consequences of elections and politics became crystal clear. In addition to the Fellowship, Kate also works at the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, where she works with the Workforce Development and Economic Analysis Unit. She has previously served as a Public Service and Outreach Student Scholar and studied abroad in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Kate also serves on the executive board and leadership board of UGA miracle and is a member of the Phi Mu sorority. After graduation, she aims to work in D.C. in the public affairs or research sectors. One of Kate’s favorite UGA memories is receiving the Ricky James Spirit Award at UGA Miracle’s 2022 Dance Marathon. This award is given to outstanding graduating members and memorializes Ricky James who embodied strength and positivity in the face of adversity.