Fellowship Spotlight: Ciera Thomas

Ciera Thomas is a fourth-year Fellow majoring in microbiology with minors in Spanish, international affairs and global health. Through politics, she aims to improve the lives of individuals who identify as members of marginalized communities. She has been able to work towards this goal through the Fellowship by gaining insights into the policy creation process and conducting legislative research. As a Fellow, Ciera has also learned the importance of relationship building. In addition to the Fellowship, Ciera has been involved with the Student Government Association, where she formerly served as President Pro Tempore and the Student Health Advisory Committee, where she worked to improve student health literacy. Ciera is also a Pre-Professional Ambassador and has worked as an outreach associate with Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE), where she developed an outreach strategy for new refugees to access health information and COVID-19 vaccinations as well as supporting vaccine drives for predominately Spanish-speaking communities. Ciera loves traveling and has been to 4 of the 7 continents and 3 of the 4 oceans.