Fellowship Spotlight: Catie Gelting

Catie Gelting is a fourth-year at the University of Georgia studying international affairs and philosophy with a minor in political science. She is a member of the philosophy club and a non-religious member of the Bahai’i Student Association. Catie is also the Historian for UGA’s Demosthenian Literary Society, where she keeps records of meetings, historic documents and paintings, while also maintaining the society’s records at UGA Archives. After graduation, she plans to move to D.C. and work in campaign consulting. Through the Fellowship, Catie hopes to delve into the process of drafting legislation and explore how policy affects local governments. Before joining the Fellowship, Catie worked for Crossroads Campaign Solutions and studied abroad with the UGA à Paris program and the UGA Washington Semester Program. During her time in D.C., Catie competed in a snowball fight at the National Mall. Through her interactions with the community, she has seen how important it is to give community members a platform to vocalize their concerns and passions. Catie first became interested in politics when her mom helped draft legislation with their state senator that helped fix a problem in their community. In her free time, she loves to do paint by numbers to destress. Currently, she’s working on a painting of Scooby and Shaggy sitting on top of the Mystery Machine looking at the stars.