Fellowship Spotlight: Caroline Solomon

Caroline Solomon is a third-year Senior Staffer majoring in Environmental Economics and Management and Russian with a minor in Studio Art. She was motivated to join the Fellowship to be involved at the place where change is happening. This is her second year with the Fellowship, and throughout this time she has learned the diversity of the Athens community, and the prevalence of historical and political issues beyond the UGA campus. Through her remaining time with the Fellowship, she aims to get more experience writing and analyzing legislation and bills to be made into law to gain a better understanding of the legislative process. In addition to the Fellowship, she is also the lead on a project called “Close the Loop” which is funded through a sustainability grant and aims to educate the campus community on sustainable fashion and teach clothing repair workshops so people can extend the lives of their clothing. She is also the Design Director of the Fashion Design Student Association, which is a club that puts fashion shows on each semester that showcase items designed and modeled by students. Caroline is also a member of the Model United Nations Team at UGA and a resident assistant. Before joining the Fellowship, she studied abroad in Narva, Estonia on the NSLI-Y Summer Russian Study Abroad Program and is interning at the U.S. Department of State where she is working as a part-time fellow for the Alliance for Green Heat. Caroline is interested in environmental policy, specifically sustainable business practices and energy economics, and would like to work in a federal agency like the Environmental Protection Agency or Department of Energy, or for a non-profit. She is really excited about sustainable fashion and loves making her own clothes, mending, repairing and learning about ways she can be sustainable in her everyday clothing choices. She also loves going rock climbing and getting overly invested in YA novels!